Wow it felt weird to go look over all my past photos to make this big selection for the post.  It’s crazy how I changed over the years lol …you’ll be able to clearly see the change happening in this post and all the future one till our big last celebration post on December 12, 2012.  If you have missed my previous “back in time” post, click on this link to go look over the year 2005 before starting this one.

Ok…. I don’t really know where to start… What about with some pics!  😛




 Discovering my passion for porn

Going to my First Convention

Founding a way to change photographer


In 2006, I was really starting to enjoy shooting for my website.  I remember thinking how happy and glad I was for founding a job that I enjoy doing.  Ok I have to admit that it’s not typical but the goal of life is to be happy no matter what others will think of you right?

Lucky for me, I had found something that was making me happy on a daily basic, where I was able to play video games all the time (I was more lazy back then) and only work a couple of days a month.  Later that year, I traveled to go meet my current partner in at the adult convention Internext in Miami where I also met a ton of gorgeous solo models and shot some awesome photos.  I got to admit that I was a bit scared of going on a plane alone to go to a porn convention to meet somebody who I only talked online and maybe once of twice on the phone…  Plus how do you explain that to the guy at the USA customs looking at you like if you’re an underage girl going to a porn convention and who bring drugs with her… Let’s just say that they kept asking me a TON of questions and looked over EVERYTHING in my suitcase many many times.  I remember the few minutes before going on the plane, I took a big breath before going in line.  To calm me down, the second I sat down in the plane and that I felt it going up in the sky, I played this song and suddenly I became all relax…

I’ve been repeating this same tradition every time I fly.

I came back in Montreal, after only a few days, with my head in the clouds…  The convention was a blast, I met some incredible people, my partner is awesome and we found a way to kicked out my current photographer out of the website project.  Don’t take me wrong, I’m not saying that my old photographer was a bad person but our vision was different.  What started as a great professional relationship ended up being a mini war and I guess it was the time to move on.  But since he had parts in my site, the rupture was more complicated…. Everything in business is always more complicated.

One thing for sure, I wanted to keep modeling for my site but only with somebody else.  I had shot with a great, fun and sexy photographer in Miami that I wanted to work with again and lucky for me, he was also Canadian!  After some minor complications and me being the most awful pest ever, it worked!  My photographer decided to sell his parts and let me run  I celebrated my victory with my friends and lover of the time… what a feast we had on that day.

When I think about this whole situation now, I hope I didn’t gave him too many headaches but I probably did.  I guess I’m less vindictive or more “thought of” now that I grew up.

To resume, 2006 was very relaxing at time and very intense at others but still and always a blast.  Another big year of experimentation and discovery…   …the biggest discovery was still to come because managing and promoting a sologirl website was more work than I thought….