Man, that’s how I feel today lol … actually I think him and I have a lot of resemblance right now… I’m lazy and I’m COLD!

Not that it’s 100% freezing outside but the weather is getting much colder everyday here in Montreal.  Good thing I have a good coat and a mini scarf because fall is officially here and it’s only gonna get worst from now.  Ahhh good old Canada, I love you for so many reasons but cold is not one of them.  I do get a kick of looking at all the beautiful colors we have in trees during fall season and I’m really hoping to get the chance to go shoot in all the leaves but I don’t know if that will be possible.  Keep your fingers crossed for me ok? 😉

Beside the cold weather, there is also a TON of fun stuff to do this fall!  …like the obvious rolling in the dead leaves naked, fucking in forest but with clothes on (I got to say that I LOVE that one)  it’s almost more erotic to fuck with your clothes on that it is naked I find… it’s naughtier that’s for sure… well that’s what I think.  AND the obvious FALL COOKING that is for me a real pleasure!  Did you guys knew I had a cooking blog?  Maybe, maybe not?  Check it out!

It’s not 100% ready yet but it’s getting there…  I only add recipes when I have free time (witch is not that much these days) but I think you might like it 🙂  I also created a Facebook fa page for it where I share all my latest recipes and some other fun things 🙂  If you’re more a facebook person, LIKE my page now!

On this I wish you guys to have a good Monday, even if it’s boring to be back to work I know…  On my side I’m going to open my Photoshop software and keep working on Belle Bond’s upcoming paysite!!  It’s almost done and it’s looking crazy awesome!  Maybe if you’re nice enough I’ll come back to post samples once I’m done but for the moment I suggest you go check out Belle’s awesome FREE Blog and start following her on twitter right now to realize how amazing she is 🙂


Ariel xoxoxoxox