Since I haven’t been “dumping” my brain on here for quit a while… Here’s a little bit of what’s happening in the Rebel World…

* I’ve been working on the new blog layout for Tommi’s Blog and I just finished it today!  Click on the image below if you want to see the full site.

* DorcelTv is coming to Montreal in a couple of weeks and I’m currently planning a nice tv and magazine feature for the Rebel team.  I’ll make sure to take a lot of candids of the shooting days to come back and post here and some sexy/funny samples of the segment.  I don’t think I need to say that I’m crazy excited about it 🙂

* The MissFreeOnes contest is terminated and I won the category of Best Adult Model and I got 4th place for the best OCSM category! 🙂  Thank you so much for everybody who voted for me I’m extremely happy and flattered 🙂  Like I wrote on my profile for the contest, all my prize money is going to be invested in shipping my contracted models to their pre-selected photographers so we can get their sites launched faster!  You all invested in better looking porn.. well I’m working on it 🙂

* I had a blast at the tweetaide event.  Long story short, I met some great people and I think I made a couple of friends 🙂  One thing for sure is that I’m going back next year!

* My first Panty auction went super smooth so that means I’ll be posting a lot more auction on my Abibids auction till we can get up and running.  Stay tuned for all the goodies I’ll have for sales (it wont be just clothes no worries).  Also like I’ve said on this post, I’ll be posting a video of me signing the panties I just sold in the upcoming days!

* content is 99% done prepping up for the launch 🙂  Max and I are jumping in the air like silly rabbits after all those last few crazy editing months.  Stay tuned at for the first few promo galleries coming up of the gorgeous Mandy!  If you need your Mandy fix right now I suggest you check out THIS PAGE and THIS PAGE.

…and that’s pretty much it for now… I could go on but I think this post would get a bit too long 😛

Ariel xxx