ok, ok… spank me if you want, I know I deserve it.

I know I havent been able to post my big celebration post yet but I havent forgotten.  Actually, I’ve been juggling between work, family and friends these past few days and I’m sure you have been doing the same so you understand.  Looks like I’ll have to post my other years compilations and celebration post in 2013 or hopefully before the end of this month if I have the time.  Either way it will get done because I cant keep all those fun goodies I had planned out for you guys….

Beside hitting myself in the head because I was not able to come post what I wanted to like I just explained… I have been planning out my Christmas party with my friend and family, buying gifts etc….  On the 24th, I’m planning a nice friendly dinner at my place.  It’s the perfect occasion to share my latest tested recipes with my friends and have a good time.  Let’s hope they are hungry because I’m planning an insane feast!  If you’re curious to know what I’m planning stay tuned on ZestyandSpicy.com for my official Christmas menu and maybe some recipes!

Talk to you soon 🙂

Ariel xoxoxoxo