Ohh it’s getting more and more official…  My departure is getting close and at this same time next week, I’ll be on the other side of the world, in Budapest doing some VERY naughty and kinky things to some of the most beautiful girls of the world…  What an awful job I have right?! 😛 hihi   I dont think I need to explain how excited I am but I’ll say it anyways:


Ahhhhh feels good to let that out! lol … I’ve been having so many dirty dreams lately about my upcoming shooting for Dorcel and today I officially “PORNified” myself to be ready for my big shooting!  I went to do a cute French manicure and pedicure, went tanning and made a nice selection of sex toys I’ll be bringing with me on trip to play with the sexy ladies…  It’s funny how the producer from Dorcel insisted on me bringing BIG toys… lol … I sent him back a message saying that I’m a pocket size format and big things have a hard time fitting in my tight little pussy but again.. who knows… ahah .. I’ve been known to be able to play with some pretty big things… cough, cough Max. lol

Anyways I wanted to pass by to tell you guys that my departure date is getting close and that tomorrow I’ll be shooting all day for the famous sexy Quebec mag Summum!  Earlier this week I had an interview with a food critics with whom I talked about my passion for cooking and a tiny bit about my modeling career.  The main subject of the interview will be around food and you’ll be able to read this exclusive French interview, look at some sexy photos, get a recipe all that in a nice 5 pages spread.  I’ll obviously keep you posted on when the mag will be release but for the moment, you can follow me on twitter to see a few behind the scene photos I’ll be posting during the day 🙂

Stay Tuned!

Ariel xxx