Hey guys 🙂

I realized that I haven’t give you that much news lately so here I am with a bit of blogging about what’s happening in the Rebel world….

Well obviously I’ve been doing a lot of web design for some of our upcoming free ad pay sites (under RebelsOwntheNet), tried some new recipes that I should take photos of for my culinary blog (ZestyandSpicy), almost finished reading the book I started not too long ago (I wish I had more time to read) and finally, I’m preparing an audition for an american horror movie and you guys will be able to see (and judge) in a couple of days…  It’s an open casting call with online auditions where people have to vote for the best performance… I got to say that it’s totally nerve racking and I’m SO SCARED to suck balls and you guys start laughing at me but if I don’t do it because I’m scared, I’m gonna hate myself forever for being such chicken so I’m just going to jump in and hope for the best! lol

I started reading the parts yesterday and I’m thinking on trying out 2 different roles…  I’m hoping you guys will think I’m not a so bad actress and I’ll keep my finger’s crossed so my videos get enough votes AND views so they call me back for a second close audition in LA… wish me good luck I guess? 🙂

On a sexier note, the professional photo shoot updates are back on my official website starting FRIDAY!!  The photos you see above is part of this set that I shot during my last “vacation” in Mexico.  If you are curious to see more sample of this set before the launch of the part one, I suggest you take a look at my Tumblr account and my Facebook fan page.  Please note that this facebook page is the ONLY ONE I MANAGE and everything else you see on that site is fake!  All profiles and pages are not managed by me, only the one I have is the one I just linked in this post.  Every day I have people asking me or thinking they talked to me on chat or on there and I have to pop some bubbles and it break my heart.. so watch out for the fake!!!