This blog post was published on my official website a few days ago but I felt it deserved to be here too.


I felt like writing today. It been a while that I didn’t actually feel like writing and we can all agree that the last two months have been on the weird side which didn’t help. So this is where the title comes from… welcome to this new world that is being created as the day goes. Nobody knows the exacts of what the fuck is going on and how we’re gonna get out of this rut but we remain calm and hopeful, happy yet woke.
You know this already but, things were pretty bad before then 2020 took a pretty harsh turn and now the events unfolding in front of us are sad, confusing, frustrating and overwhelming.

If you’re feeling more on edge lately, it’s ok, it’s normal. Give yourself a hug and try to think of something you’re happy and grateful for.

Humour is my coping mechanism so……… maybe the next thing coming for us is Aliens. Let’s hope they’re nice and they’re not racist, fascist, nazi, colonialist, members of an intergalactic terrorist organization or simply bored out of their minds and on a quest to destroy us before we can do it ourselves. We at least deserve to do it ourselves.

Truth to be told, it sadden me (a lot) when I read or watch the news. Some human behaviours like racism or simply hate/violence just doesn’t really make sense for me. Sure I’ve done my fair share of shitty things, from thoughts to words and probably actions but I’ve been young and I’m not claiming to be or have been perfect. I’m human, just like you and that’s all we should be seeing of each other. It’s not a thing of colour, it’s not a thing of language, religion or cultures… it’s just simply education. Social or family conditioning is not a life sentence and it’s ok to be thinking differently today than you were yesterday. It’s ok to change your mind on a subject a million times to then come to a conclusion years later. It’s ok to let yourself breath a little and not hit your past mistakes. It’s ok to say; yesterday I was uneducated and today I’m learning.

It’s ok to say all these things and educate ourselves to build a better future for everyone.

Most day, it’s hard not to scream at all the injustices but, I realize the place entertainment has on people’s lives which is to make them feel good (sometimes forget) about what’s going on in the world around us. On the other side, when you have access to a platform with a public, it’s important to speak up for things that really matters which leaves us (as you can imagine) in a complexe position where no one wants to hear about sad things but sometimes we have to.

Sometimes, we even have to listen, acknowledged and learn from these events even when it’s painful, shameful or they simply suck.

I realize this article is a little bit of a downer and I’m deeply sorry. It also has no conclusion as we are all in the same boat. I just hope you guys stay safe out there and that you’re staying happy despite everything.

The best you can do right now is to dig deep in to this resilience inside of you and keep moving forward. No matter what, keep smiling and keep moving forward. I’m sure you’re doing amazing.

Sending you all my warmest hugs <3